A specific offer :
électric bus charging infrastructures

Our experts support you in the deployment of a new clean mobility offer, namely electric buses.

By 2025, diesel buses will have disappeared from cities. Cities are therefore obliged to invest in clean vehicles, which are more expensive to buy. All of this takes place in a context of declining revenues. So how can costs be controlled? We combine our experience as an integrator and our local territorial network to support you in the deployment of your electric bus offer. We provide you with turnkey solutions suited to your needs, either comprehensive or in packages.

Solutions dedicated to slow charging

slow charging
  • Optimisation of existing depots or new construction.
  • Complete management of civil engineering and RUN (Roads and Utility Network) works.
  • Supply of 50 kW or 100 kW electrical chargers.
  • Design or adaptation of HV/LV substations.
  • Centralised Technical Management (CTM).
  • Maintenance.

Solutions dedicated to fast charging

permanent consumption charging
  • Installation of opportunistic charging or permanent consumption charging. 
  • Design of prefabricated, equipped shelters to ensure the on-line charger power supply (transformers, HV cells, distribution boards, automation, local HMI supervision, etc.) or adaptations of existing substations.
  • Supervision of electrical installations and associated telecommunication networks.
  • Maintenance

Smart charging

Electrical optimisation
  • Electric bus charging management with consumption optimisation (open solution compatible with third party chargers, OCPP compliant).
  • Control-command of chargers.
  • Schedule management.
  • Electrical optimisation.