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Telecoms network solutions: the fixed offer

The world is definitively connected and uses are changing ever faster. Businesses and home-workers have high expectations.

They need efficient and reliable fixed networks that are available everywhere, without a digital divide.

To meet these requirements, which have become standard, telecommunications operators, equipment manufacturers and local authorities need expert partners who have a strong command of the entire value chain.

This is the case for Dorsalys, the Eiffage Energie Systèmes brand dedicated to the infrastructure and networks market, which can intervene from the design stage, through the deployment of fixed telecoms networks and equipment, to maintenance.

Our expertise is based on qualified teams that are continuously trained in the latest technologies. As well as in specific facilities and equipment.

Fixed connections for the general public or for businesses: each type of connection involves specific challenges and techniques. 

Connecting the general public


The demand for bandwidth for both work and leisure is growing steadily amongst consumers.

They want to be able to work from home, but also to watch videos, play games or simply operate their home automation system.

However, everything depends on their network, which must be able to respond, without interruption and at very high speed. 

To meet the needs of your users, you can rely on a partner specialised in fixed networks and offer a scalable, high-performance and reliable service.

Dorsalys has recognised expertise in FFTH.

Optical fibre has become the benchmark fixed infrastructure and will replace the existing copper network by 2030.

We are commissioned by regional authorities to roll out FTTH networks, and by operators to connect users from the OCN (optical connection node) to the installation of the terminal outlet in their home and the commissioning of the boxes. 

Our technicians, who are on hand throughout the country, intervene rapidly and can offer a solution to users, who benefit from a high-quality and stable fixed network.

Connecting businesses

Working without a connection is now impossible.

This has even become a prerequisite of the economic development of companies and regions, and a criterion of their appeal.

Companies are demanding customers with very specific needs, ranging from the Internet, through complex business applications depending on the sector of activity, to telephony.

Dorsalys supports you and offers operators, equipment manufacturers and local authorities fixed connections designed for their customers and professional users:

  • Bandwidth

    The services provided on shared fibre often offer guaranteed and symmetrical bandwidth to meet the requirements of professionals.

    Dorsalys uses the existing fibre infrastructures to deploy, install and commission your FTTE solutions, from the OCN to the site(s) concerned. 

  • optical route

    The services provided on fibre entirely dedicated to a company offer more bandwidth.

    Dorsalys defines the optical route, establishes the continuous link between the OCN and the company’s premises, makes the connection, then commissions the dedicated equipment for the company.

The Dorsalys offer for fixed connections

Fixed network design: 

Dorsalys’ expertise in fixed networks begins with the design studies. We start from a blank page to build a detailed pre-project that obeys your engineering rules and the interior and/or exterior constraints.

This know-how comprises several steps:
  • A mailbox survey.

    This phase makes it possible to collect essential data to size and specify the type of street cabinets.

  • Negotiations

    with the owners of the buildings concerned and/or the private or public actors who manage the space.

  • I-BLO’s order to Orange

    on behalf of the operator to access the optical loop and link civil engineering facilities and to deploy the cables.

  • Calculation of loads on the posts.

    If the deployment requires the addition of cables, it is necessary to check the force generated to avoid any risk of imbalance or reaching the tolerance threshold.

  • Formal definition of the summary pre-project and the detailed pre-project.

    The first step summarises the collected data, the infrastructures in place and the necessary funding.

    And the second step goes up to the production of the drawings, the agreements and authorizations and the establishment of the estimate.

  • Referencing

    in the geographic information systems (GIS), including Gr@ce V2.

    Our in-house expertise allows us to identify each network in mapping and management tools.

We have designed and built networks in Lyon and Paris, but also in Rodez, Chambéry, Grenoble, Aix les Bains, Maubeuge, Valenciennes, St Omer, etc.

Construction of fixed networks


After the design phase, comes the construction phase, in which the drawings are set in concrete. Dorsalys intervenes in:


  • The deployment of the optical fibre collection and distribution network in existing ducts.
  • Traditional and mechanised civil engineering works with specific equipment and trained teams.
  • Drawing and connecting the cables to the outlets of customers, companies or consumers. In particular, we install the means of extending the optical fibre to the different floors of buildings and commission the boxes.
  • The deployment of fixed aerial telecoms networks, with fibre optic cables on FT or ENEDIS supports.

Dorsalys has a strong expertise in the installation and commissioning of active and/or passive equipment on fixed networks (ADM, OMSN, WDM, IP routers, DSLAM, OLT/ONT). 

Dorsalys is involved, on the behalf of local authorities or operators, in the design and construction of public fibre optic networks in several departments in France (Jura, Saône et Loire, Eure, Mayenne, Charente-Maritime, Aveyron, Gironde, Côte d’Or, etc).


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Fixed network maintenance


Once designed and deployed, fixed networks require regular maintenance. In order to maintain the infrastructure, our technicians repair or monitor the infrastructures.

Consequently, we:

  • Maintain or repair your network and maintain active equipment.
  • Maintain copper networks, both local loops and terminal lines.
  • Maintain FTTH networks.
  • Maintain and monitor Eiffage and local authority 1G RIP networks.


We have been involved in the maintenance of the existing copper network in the Centre-East region of France, and have been a partner of the SIEA in the Ain department for several years, in particular for the maintenance of their fibre optic network.


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Focus on our own equipment

The Dorsalys teams use a wide range of their own equipment, from light commercial vehicles, to reel carrier trucks and trucks with aerial lifts for overhead deployments.

We also have our own augers for the erection of posts by our own technicians, and trenchers for mechanised civil engineering activities.

Whether for private players or local authorities, Dorsalys provides concrete and adapted solutions, taking into account their constraints and challenges.