Data hosting

If you are a hosting company, a telecommunication operator or a company, Dorsalys experts are there to support you in the design, construction and securing of your datacenter through a turnkey or made-to-measure approach to the design of technical, installation construction, maintenance and operation solutions.

To provide you with reliable, scalable, resilient and eco-efficient datacenter infrastructures.

Specific support for your activities

Hosting companies and “web giants”

The strength of the Eiffage group, combined with our technical specialities and our detailed knowledge of your environment over the past 30 years, enable us to provide you with turnkey solutions to meet your needs in the fields of cloud computing, IT hubs and hyperscales.

Telecommunication operators

Dorsalys teams provide you with recognised know-how to adapt your infrastructures to new uses and new technologies: new fibre or network equipment, migration of business lines to new uses related to the IoT, diversification of your activities, etc.

End-user companies

Our multidisciplinary teams already work alongside you, in your factories, offices and laboratories, providing daily support. Dorsalys teams ensure the security, confidentiality and proper realisation of your data centre structures in close collaboration with our business lines.

Design of technical packages


Dorsalys experts support you from the design phase onwards, in order to implement innovative, secure and sustainable technical solutions that optimise investment and operating costs. From the design stage onwards, we incorporate issues related to the energy transition and carbon footprint reduction to design the most eco-efficient infrastructures possible.

During this initial phase, we integrate and produce 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) models:

  • Architectural modelling;
  • Technical infrastructure and IT model;
  • Structure & shell and core model;

These models prepare construction by producing the following:

  • Technical and architectural summaries;
  • Analyses of significant quantities and values;
  • CFD, thermal and energy simulations;
  • All trade execution drawings.
Uptime Institute

To meet your requirements as efficiently as possible, we pay particular attention to the training of our staff, in order to diversify and mix skills and implement a fine-level, multiple approach to the certification of your datacenter.
We have four employees certified as “Tier Designers” by the Uptime Institute. Cooling, electricity and renewable energy specialists, innovation researchers, all trade managers, etc. The complementary profiles of our experts will meet your tiering requirements.


Civil engineering

To build or renovate your datacenter, our teams support you throughout your project:

  • Eligibility and site development
  • Steering and coordination
    • Civil engineering & finishing works
    • Electrical engineering 
    • Climate engineering
    • Telecom infrastructures 
  • Construction
  • Validation and qualification of performance tests
  • Commissioning and operational support
  • Post-acceptance commissioning

Maintenance and operation

a comprehensive maintenance offe

To ensure the sustainable operation of your installations, we provide you with a comprehensive maintenance offer based on:

  • A maintenance master plan;
  • A specific maintenance plan;
  • A 24/7 operating solution;
  • The implementation of reporting and the development of an improvement plan.

Have you a project ?

Dorsalys, all the power of Eiffage Énergie Systèmes at your service

  • A recognised player in the field of data centre infrastructures, a member of the France Data Centre association and present in all market segments: industrial players, local authorities, digital industry, banking sector, etc.
  • A centralised expertise unit with in-depth knowledge of the data centre environment, enabling the provision of solutions to resilience, security, safety and certification issues.
  • All the expertise of Eiffage Énergie Systèmes and the Eiffage Group to support your projects.

Our “Green IT” offers

Low carbon

In conjunction with the Eiffage “Low Carbon & Biodiversity” programme, Dorsalys teams support you in an overall “Green IT” approach.

In concrete terms, this results in the construction of sustainable and environmentally-friendly data centres, the use of renewable energies, the establishment of a circular economy and the use of bio-sourced and traceable materials.

Your uses at the heart of the design of your data centres

optimal efficiency

To design the urbanisation of your data centre, we begin with your processes, protocols and customer uses, in order to incorporate them into architectural aspects, the installation of racks and false floors, the management of heat flows and IT connectivity.

An approach that guarantees the optimal efficiency of your data centre.

Site safety is our priority


From infrastructure management to IT system operation issues, we work hard to ensure the security of your data centre:

  • Access control and management;
  • Anti-intrusion device;
  • Video surveillance;
  • Perimeter protection;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Security guarding.

Tabelec, performance on all fronts

low-voltage switchboards

Thanks to the expertise of Tabelec, an Eiffage Energie Systèmes brand dedicated to the design and construction of low-voltage switchboards, we have in-house expertise in this essential link in the creation and energy reliability of your installations.

125 people, spread over several production sites in France, contribute to the innovation and customisation of your switchboards. Recognised as an original manufacturer, we integrate all the distributed brands.

Our switchboards are now natively equipped with intelligent, connected and communicating components that allow you to intervene on the control and visualise consumption, temperatures or humidity.

Our references
  • upgrade
    Global Switch

    Energy upgrade and site electrical security

  • TGBT

    Increasing reliability of LV networks of the machine room in the computer centre. Replacement of Main low voltage distribution boards and UPSs on site occupied and in operation.

  • TCE

    Design-execution of a TCE (all trades) Datacenter in compliance with architectural and technical limitations: optimisation of built surface areas, limitation of visual and audible impacts, compliance with environmental (ICPE) and energy rules.