Mont-Blanc tunnel

Dorsalys won the contract to install a new long-term ventilation system for the Mont Blanc Tunnel, awarded by the GEIE-TMB, responsible for operating the tunnel.

Discover how our expertise contributes to the sustainable improvement of ventilation in this key infrastructure.

The Mont Blanc Tunnel, 11.6 km long and providing a two-way connection between France and Italy in a few minutes, is a unique infrastructure.

Inaugurated in 1965, this secure tunnel includes 37 pressurized shelters.

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, leader of the group commissioned by the GEIE-TMB for the design and construction of a new ventilation system, has developed accelerator fans specifically designed for smoke extraction from the tunnel.

This innovation optimizes the extraction of fumes through the vault hatches, then routing them to the stale air ducts under the roadway to be expelled outside.

Our group has completed the design, manufacturing and installation of 76 accelerators offering an exceptional level of performance, with an increase of 30% thanks to our innovative solution.

After the Regular Service Verification (VSR) and acceptance of the site, our experts will devote themselves to a period of two years of preventive and curative maintenance, in accordance with the established warranty terms.

ventilation systems

Before deploying the accelerators in series, we manufactured a prototype with Howden, in order to demonstrate the reliability of the future device.
An essential component of the fire safety system, the replacement of the accelerator fans makes it possible to maintain the stratification of smoke to facilitate the evacuation of users through secure shelters distributed approximately every 300 m.

Guillaume Planchenault VES Projet Manager