Our solutions and services in detail

Our experts offer solutions whether you are a local authority or a transport infrastructure operator.

Rail signalling

 We provide you with a complete range of services for signalling installations in your urban transport infrastructures (route and switch control, indication lights) and rail transport infrastructures (tracks and signalling stations) :  

  • Performance of signalling studies: technical plans, execution studies, study checks ; 
  • Installation of equipment on tracks (beacons, track circuits, signals, etc.), in technical buildings (relay frames, PLC cabinets, etc.) or in signalling stations ; 
  • Inspections and technical checks of signalling installations ;  
  • Programming through safety PLCs ;
  • Deployment of a supervision system (HMI) for the operator (management of route commands, management of technical alarms, logs, “replay” function and interface with the EMS energy management system).  

To successfully complete your projects, we have various qualifications :  

  • SNCF qualifications for track, civil engineering, signalling, telecom, cable installation and connection works ; 
  • Signalling study qualifications for conventional and new lines (geographical wiring relay interlocking system, computer-controlled relay interlocking system, integrated locking interlocking system, computerised interlocking system, solid state interlocking system, PC technology computer station, service track computer station). 

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes is a leader in France in the field of rail signalling deployment.

Electric traction


We are a player recognised by the SNCF for works on the substations and electrical substations of the rail network (25 kV and 1,500V). We also work on urban transport infrastructures (750 V continuous and 1,500 V continuous). Our electrical and civil engineering support you during all the stages of your project : 

  • Design ; 
  • Performance of technical studies ; 
  • Performance of turnkey works ; 
  • Operation ; 
  • Maintenance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). 

Operations to secure tunnels

rail tunnels

Dorsalys teams perform turnkey operations to secure new rail tunnels (design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance) and ensure that they meet standards during renovation (ventilation and safety equipment). To this end, we set up various systems :  

  • Ventilation and smoke extraction in the event of a fire with a variator (variation of the air flow rate, reversal of the flow direction and/or pressures) ;
  • HV and LV distribution for the supply of power to fan variators and sensors ;  
  • Air quality measurement (dust, NO-NO2 and benzene analyser,CO2, temperature and humidity analysis) ;
  • SIL2 (EN50128) safety control command-control system, operator supervision centre and emergency services ; 
  • Normal and backup lighting, safety sound system, emergency telephony ;  
  • Video surveillance, secure telecommunication network for the emergency services ;  
  • Fire detection through optical smoke sensors.

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Platform facades and barriers

Platform facades and barriers

From assembly in the workshop to on-site installation, Dorsalys teams secure access points to metro networks for passenger and site safety and ticket inspection. We support you throughout your project (new constructions or lines already in operation and undergoing renovation) :  

  • Electrical studies ;  
  • Workshop or on-site assembly of the components of platform doors for the metro (as part of the automation of metro lines), as well as passenger station access systems ;
  • Installation ; 
  • Electrical connections ; 
  • System tests ; 
  • Maintenance. 

Telecommunication networks

Telecommunication networks

Dorsalys experts guarantee the integration of high-performance networks into your projects with a high level of safety :  

  • Roll-out of optical fibre along rail lines ;
  • Design and deployment of secure multi-service networks (SMSN), video surveillance, automatic incident detection (AID), telephony, sound system ;  
  • Turnkey offer from the design of radio sites to their deployment (GSM-R etc.) 


Depending on your needs, our teams design and deploy complete solutions :  

  • Design, production, testing and commissioning of programmable logic controllers and supervision of FTE remote monitoring ; 
  • Functional programming of rail signalling automation on PLCs, including high availability ;  
  • Installation of maintenance assistance systems for rail signalling ; 
  • Industrial IP network management for tramway line rail signalling ; 
  • Installation of IFTE control-command systems (HSL electric traction) with an SIL2 high level of safety, in compliance with the EN50128 and EN50126 standards ;
  • Design and production of turnkey control centres (technical furniture, ergonomic layout, central systems, supervision, video walls, etc.). 

Intelligent Transport System  - we develop for the SNCF, we designed the CANIF software and the SupCdV software. 

expertise recognised by major transport players


For the SNCF, we carry out studies, turnkey works and the maintenance of the network’s substations and electrical substations (25 kV and 1,500 V), and by various urban transport operators for our metro or tramway installations (750 V continuous).