Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering
  • Transmission and distribution of electrical energy (MV/HVB substations and lines, HV/LV switchboards, high-quality electrical security)
  • Functional analysis, automation, selectivity
  • High-availability backup energy systems: inverters and generator sets

Security of property and people

  • Fire detection
  • Fire extinguishing through gas, water fog
  • Lightning protection, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Safety


  • Telephony and intercoms
  • Radio communication
  • VDI and IT networks (copper/optical)
  • Fibre-optic deployment (LAN, MAN & FTTH)
  • Wireless networks

Air conditioning and ventilation

Secure heat or cold production
  • Secure heat or cold production
  • Air conditioning through proven or innovative solutions & cooling of ECU cores
  • Containment of hot/cold aisles and production of turnkey high-density modules
  • Energy optimisation and recovery
  • Upgrade & securing of energy chains (Uptime Institute)
  • Performance testing of IT rooms
  • Thermal simulations
  • Vibration monitoring of air handling unit and air conditioning systems

Urbanisation and local action

Level 1 intervention
  • Level 1 intervention
  • Realisation of PoDs, containment
  • Wiring, optical and copper links
  • Acceptance testing

Operation and supervision


Multi-site hypervision/operation
Technical alarms
DCIM: operation and analysis tools

Maintenance in operational condition

Maintenance engineering
  • Audit & consulting
  • Maintenance engineering (operating reliability, integrated logistics support)
  • Maintenance and operation contract
  • Facility management
  • 24/7 on-call service
  • Management, technical management and operation
  • Improvement plan