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The safety of telecoms networks

Deploying telecoms infrastructures in complete safety is a top priority for Dorsalys. For both our staff and the networks, we make sure that our technicians are continuously trained. And we take regular preventive actions to provide efficient and reliable devices.


Training and certification of our technicians

In order to stay up to date with the latest innovations and safety regulations, our technicians follow continuous training.

The goal is to help them to develop their skills and to provide them with all the keys to working safely on all types of telecoms infrastructures.

The design and deployment of fixed and/or mobile networks require interventions outdoors, in places that are sometimes difficult to access, at height (on pylons or posts) or near sensitive networks.

We often work close to sensitive networks, such as gas and electricity.

The Dorsalys operators have specific certifications to work safely in these specific environments.

Safety is everyone’s business.


Dorsalys has taken several initiatives to remind our staff of the importance of obeying the rules and preventing the risk of accidents.

  • Publication of monthly QPE flashes on a safety topic
  • Weekly 15-minute prevention sessions for employees led by management
  • Regular safety audits
  • Internal training to share good practices
  • High-performance digital tools for our technicians to increase their expertise and make remote interventions possible.

Preventive maintenance of telecoms networks


Telecoms infrastructures are economic and strategic facilities that deserve close attention.

We work daily to maintain indoor and outdoor equipment, and have developed processes and tools to continuously improve the safety of fixed and mobile telecoms networks.

But also to trace, monitor and control the condition of the devices at all times.

  • Specific solutions for industrial sites: Dorsalys has implemented solutions for the geolocation of people, continuous communications and the automation of hazardous operations.
  • Improved maintenance: Dorsalys performs remote diagnostics using thermal cameras or artificial intelligence. We also use augmented reality for remote maintenance operations.
  • Automation: many applications are automated. Such as the real-time vehicle guide, robotization and employee-machine interaction. 
  • A prioritized communications system: we define the top-priority flows.
  • Deployment of 5G antennas to replace Wi-Fi spots and telecoms cables to reduce infrastructure costs and management.