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Eiffage Énergie Systèmes orchestrates the electrification of lakeside city Ganvié in Benin for ANPT

The lakeside city of Ganvié located a few kilometres from Benin’s economic capital Cotonou is nicknamed the Venice of Africa. It is entirely built on stilts to the north of Lake Nokoué, and is undergoing a comprehensive rehabilitation programme orchestrated by the ANTP (National Agency for Heritage Promotion and Tourism Development) under the supervision of project manager IED. Eiffage Energie Systèmes is in charge of electrification work on the entire town, through its subsidiary RMT.


Eiffage Énergie Systèmes orchestrates the electrification of lakeside city Ganvié in Benin for ANPT

Ganvié village was built empirically from the 18th century onwards by a population that had fled from the dangers of the slave trade. The inhabitants fleeing slavery built houses on stilts, but also schools and places of worship. In Ganvié, the markets are floating and trade is done from pirogue to pirogue. 

Under the aegis of the Beninese government, the ANTP has undertaken a vast programme to improve the environment and living conditions of the Tofinu people who live in Ganvié, with the aim of organizing the city’s development and encouraging economic diversification. 

"In addition to electrifying the town, this large-scale project involves supplying drinking water, creating a wastewater treatment plant and collecting wastewater, rehabilitating a pier, marking out channels and building a secondary school, together with 2,500 houses on piles. Electrification is the first major project underway, and will supply power to nearly 45,000 inhabitants," said RMT project manager Cédric Hubert. 

Over a two-year period, our experts are to deploy overhead and underwater MV and LV networks in the floating city. The overhead network will be supported by strong, light composite poles, transported on barges and raised manually, while implementing the underwater network will require the installation of concrete block-ballasted sheaths on the lake bed. 

Our teams will install a total of : 

  • 13 km of network for the MV grid. 

  • 18 transformers (H 61 substations), 

  • 22 km of LV overhead line  

  • 30 km of LV underwater network 

  • 2,800 subscriber connections. 

In the long term, Ganvié aims to become a recognized tourist destination in Africa, offering its inhabitants an economic alternative to their traditional fishing activities. The town’s electrification is a first step towards this comprehensive economic development.

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