Telecom network solutions

Whether you are a telecommunication operator, an equipment manufacturer or a local authority, Dorsalys teams provide you with a complete, made-to-measure offer to design, deploy, operate and maintain your telecommunication networks and equipment.

Solutions suited to your specific requirements


Telecommunication operators

Dorsalys teams support you in the design, deployment and maintenance of your stationary or mobile telecom infrastructures (indoor or outdoor). They also manage the installation and commissioning of the active equipment of your stationary or mobile networks, as well as boxes for individuals and companies.

Equipment manufacturers

Our teams install and commission your equipment for stationary networks (WDM, IP, OLT, etc.). For mobile networks, they search for and negotiate sites, carry out works and perform the installation and commissioning of your equipment (radio sites, antennas, microwave links, etc.).

Local authorities

We support you in the design and deployment of very high-speed telecommunication networks.

Our solutions and services

  • Expertise across the entire value chain, from design to the deployment and maintenance of your telecom networks and equipment.
  • Teams trained in the latest technologies: 20,000 hours of training provided to our employees and technicians each year in our in-house training centres equipped with full-scale facilities.
  • Our own material resources for increased efficiency: we have trench diggers, augers, nacelles and specific telecom resources to deploy networks.
  • State-of-the-art network infrastructure equipment: because networks are based on infrastructures, we have around thirty trench diggers and produce more than 1,000 km of trenches per year (micro-trenches, mini-trenches, conventional trenches).


research department

Our design office teams analyse your engineering rules, carry out design studies on your networks and identify mobile coverage solutions.

  • FTTx fibre-optic networks
    • FTTH: from the OCN (optical connection node) to the optical terminal outlet installed on the end-customer’s premises : our design technicians determine the optical path via existing underground or overhead infrastructures, or through the creation of civil engineering structures. They produce access controls and control FT or ENEDIS support load calculations;
    • FTTA: study of the loop or the optical link to connect mobile radio sites ;
    • FTTO: definition of the optical path for the fibre-optic connection of companies.
  • Radio coverage solutions using various technologies (4G, 5G) :
    •  Indoor : buildings, tunnels;
    • Outdoor : roof terraces, masts, urban supports.


fibre-optic connection

On a daily basis, Dorsalys teams build, connect, install and strengthen your telecommunication networks.

  • End-to-end construction of fibre-optic networks : underground through conventional or mechanised civil engineering with the intervention of our own teams; overhead with the installation, replacement or reinforcement of poles.
  • Fibre-optic connection of buildings or houses, companies,mobile network masts and antennas.
  • Diversion, reinforcement of networks and work on backbone networks in operation, particularly in sewers, alongside railways, motorways, etc.
  • Installation of equipment and antennas :
    • Mobile radio sites (4G, 5G) ;
    • Microwave links ;
    • LoRa antennas for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Mise en service

Radio links

Nos techniciens interviennent sur site pour configurer les équipements et activer vos infrastructures quelles qu’elles soient.

  • Équipements sur les réseaux longues distances des opérateurs ;
  • Équipements de boucles locales ;
  • Box triple-play chez les particuliers ;
  • Routeurs ou box pour les entreprises ;
  • Équipements pour relayer la couverture mobile ; 
  • Faisceaux hertziens sur des points hauts.  


optic fibre

If necessary, our teams work to maintain or repair your network and also perform maintenance operations on active equipment.

  • Maintenance of the copper network: local loop, terminal line.
  • Supervision of fibre-optic networks by means of integrated management tools. 
Committed to safety and quality

Safety is our priority

To deploy your networks in complete safely, our teams benefit from continuous training in prevention and specific certifications for all work carried out at a height or near sensitive networks (gas, electricity).

Our commitment to quality

Digitised deployment assistance tools available to our technicians throughout the country.

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key figures
  • 430

    specialists in design offices

  • 1,600

    people on the field

  • More than 20,000

    hours of training provided each year

  • 10,000

    autonomous sensors installed for the collection of energy data for the first Paris IoT

  • About 2 millions

    of FTTH sockets deployed or in the process of being deployed