Road transport infrastructures

As a recognised partner of road and motorway infrastructure managers and operators, we offer comprehensive, made-to-measure solutions to provide you with safe, reliable and scalable motorway equipment in order to adapt road transport infrastructures to new uses

A complete offer suited to your activity

You are a motorway concession company, a dual carriageway operator/manager, a road tunnel operator/manager, an operator/manager of large toll bridges, a public transportation organisation, or a company specialised in the road sector?

Whatever your business, Dorsalys teams support you in the design, deployment and commissioning of all your services and equipment through made-to-measure offers:

  • Tunnel safety ;
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction ;
  • Traffic management IT systems ;
  • Connected objects ;
  • Stationary equipment for road and motorway operation ;
  • Maintenance and maintenance in operational condition.

Our solutions and services

Motorway toll

In order to manage complex multi-technical projects, Dorsalys teams mobilise all electrical and climate engineering trades to anwser to road transport infrastructures, tunnels, roads or highways. Our teams implement smart systems dedicated to transport. 

Dorsalys teams federate all electrical and climate engineering trades to provide you with a complete, made-to-measure offer.  

We provide you with our extensive skills in engineering, multi-technical project management and complex site management. 


Tunnel safety: capitalise on our regulatory context expertise 

Dorsalys teams capitalise on their experience and ensure that they apply standards and comply with minimum operating conditions (MEC) in conjunction with the CETU (Centre d’études des tunnels - Tunnel Engineering Centre) and the CNESOR (Commission nationale d’évaluation de la sécurité des ouvrages routiers - French national commission for the assessment of road construction).

We therefore provide three made-to-measure offers to secure your infrastructures and manage their ventilation and maintenance : 

  • Electrical safety equipment :  
    • High voltage : HV/LV distribution, substations, cables and main low voltage switchboards, backup power supply and generator set, lighting, safety and evacuation recess equipment ; 
    • Low voltage : network and fibre-optics, video system, AID (automatic incident detection), signalling and VMSs (Variable Message Signs), ECN (Emergency Call Network), sound system, operations/safety radio and LW/FM. 
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction
    • Tunnels (road, rail, metro, etc.) in operation or under construction: longitudinal ventilation with accelerators, transverse ventilation with fresh air supply and extraction of exhaust air and smoke, control-command and regulation system ; 
    • Emergency exit ;
    • Technical rooms 
  • Maintenance of tunnel equipment: preventive and curative maintenance, and work related to the development and/or improvement of installations.


Roads and motorways

Dorsalys experts provide you with a complete range of stationary operating equipment : 

  • Toll equipment :  
    • HV/LV distribution, substations, cables and main low voltage switchboards, power supply and generator set;  
    • Equipment: toll booths, barriers, lighting, signage, lane assignment lights, signalling, etc;  
    • Low voltage: telephony, FO network, radio, size detection, video surveillance, etc. 
  • Current section equipment : 
    • HV/LV distribution, signalling gantry and VMSs (Variable Message Signs);  
    • Lighting, video and AID (automatic incident detection);
    • ECN (Emergency Call Network); 
    • Operations/safety radio and LW/FM; 
    • RU (roadside unit); 
    • Speed control radar, loop-based counting system; 
    • FO network. 
  • Equipment in rest areas and service stations :
    • HV/LV distribution, substations, cables and main low voltage switchboards, power supply and generator set ; 
    • Charging stations for electric vehicles ;  
    • Video surveillance ;
    • Public lighting ; 
    • Management of parking spaces (heavy goods vehicles) ;
    • Network (wi-fi/G4) ; 
    • Connected objects. 

Smart transport systems

intelligent transport systems

To facilitate new uses related to mobility and connected objects, and to develop your infrastructures and enhance safety, our teams implement smart systems dedicated to transport.

  • IT systems:
    • TMAS (Traffic Management Assistance System):
      we provide Traf’x services (road management at the departmental level) and Sygal services (operating and maintenance alarm management);
    • OAS (Operating Assistance System): development of IT systems to manage the entire operation of your road or motorway network.
  • Application Maintenance (AM): we take care of the maintenance and development of road CC OASs and TMASs developed by other service providers (IT service providers).


Jugy rest area

A testing ground for connected services

For APRR, in the Jugy rest area on the A6 motorway, our teams installed connected object systems designed to improve customer service: 

  • Safety of pedestrians, with crossings that light up at night when they cross ; 
  • Vehicle fluidity with guided parking via the dynamic parking guidance system ;  
  • Cleanliness of the rest area with new generation ashtrays, maximised lavatory cleaning and optimisation of waste collection.  

Innovative devices, which are more energy-efficient and more respectful of biodiversity and natural resources. 

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